Energy Management Metering

Metering is the most essential tool to understand where energy is being consumed because that's the only way you can accurately determine where and how you can best save money and power.

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What We Can Show You

SEDAC Energy Management Metering is able to display consumption data for power, refrigeration, water and gas as well as related data such as outdoor and indoor temperature.

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Areas of Metering

The metering system is like a tree and below shows how we approach each site:

This example shows how each level has different options for sub metering. The blue level is generally the most practical for power monitoring but metering the different areas is easily done. Gas and water metering is generally collected via incoming mains supply, though other options are available if desired.

SEDAC EM Porcess

We start by identifying your needs. We can meter everything down to the individual circuit that powers office light or we can meter an entire section, such as outdoor lighting. The level of detail is up to you. If you want us to provide a full energy management solution or a metering solution to monitor someone else’s energy management work, we are able to recommend a metering profile that will provide the data you need to ensure that the promised savings are delivered.

Metering, Monitoring and Verification are included as part of SEDAC Energy Management’s turnkey solutions. They are also available as stand alone services if you want a third party to do your monitoring and verification for an energy performance contract or your ongoing energy management needs.

The Equipment We Use

We have searched the market for the best meters to get you the most accurate data. We choose the meters best suited to the site and the application, be it monitoring energy, water or gas. The data collection is extremely accurate and accessible through our online portal to both the installer and client. We want you to see what we see- where you are using energy and where you can save.

The customer is always able to match this data with the billing data to ensure that we are capturing everything they are paying for. Metering is an essential ingredient to identifying the best savings and proving those savings are delivered where they are promised.

We are partners with Energy ICT and can provide you with their equipment and dashboards. Additional information can on their products can be found here:

EIMeter Flex Brochure     EIMeter Type M     Web Remote Test Unit Z3    EIMeter DR Specifications

Energy ICT is a world renown leader in metering equipment and energy management online dashboard services. We’re proud to be their exclusive partner in Australia. Here are some examples of work they have completed overseas:

Tesco, UK     Carrefour, France     Case Study: Corio Shopping Mall     Case Study: Lighting Control

Energy Management Monitoring

Energy management monitoring is the continuous review of a site’s meter data for the purpose of identifying escalating energy use due to a problem or change on site in order to take action and bring energy consumption back down to reduced levels. When an issue is identified, the problem is highlighted so that the customer can investigate the change and put a solution in place to bring energy use back down.


Energy monitoring has the same advantage as a burglary alarm system. You don’t want to come in on Monday morning to find all your goods have been stolen. You want the police to be called and the theft stopped before it happens. With energy, you don’t want to get a bill a month or three months later to find that energy use has sky rocketed and you’ve lost thousands of dollars. You want to get an alert the day energy use goes up and an action plan to fix the problem.

Energy use can increase due to things such as human error and modification of a system.

Continuous metering can pick up these types of changes.

Examples Include:

  • Forgetting to turn off lights / taps / heaters etc.
  • Overriding management systems
  • Leaving doors open
  • Site redevelopment/refurbishment
  • Trading hour time changes
  • Climate

Being able monitor all of these changes keeps the energy manager aware of bad habits and helps them establish an energy management process to respond to changes and issues in their building.

How We Monitor

In order to monitor a site you need to collect the data and there are a few ways we can do this. The first way is by logging the data on site and extracting the information at regular intervals either remotely or directly. Another way is to use a server based system called an Energy Data Management System which is a remote server that collects all data and provides reports for various locations or individual. National companies use this system as it can compare different stores throughout a country and compare their energy usage. We can tailor a package to suit your needs.

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