Energy Management Products and Solutions
Return On Investment (ROI)
Each of our installations and applications are designed to work with a Return on Investment. A return on investment is the time it takes to payback the installation from the money saved in energy. These factors are greatly affected by the price of kWh you’re paying, the selected applications installed and size of installation.
The different ways in which we reduce energy with lighting are:
  • LED light retrofits (Same light except 30% power)
  • Dimming existing lighting in bright areas
  • Occupancy sensing
  • Installing timer systems to turn off lights out of hours




Refrigeration is said to use up to 5% of Australia’s energy consumption which is extremely large considering the progressing technology to refrigerate more efficiently.

Each refrigeration plant is affected by certain factors that can and cannot be controlled. Climate is a large influence on how efficient the plant runs and each should be commissioned specifically to its location and requirements.

We can however save energy by a number of ways including:
  • Re-commissioning the plant to its optimal settings
  • Night Set backs
  • Installing anti-sweat control on freezers
  • Case lighting control
  • LED retrofits
  • Installing EC motors
  • Installing Fan Speed Controllers
  • Installing Variable Speed Drives


Energy Management with HVAC systems requires careful balancing of saving energy and maintaining a comfortable temperature. The many different types of HVAC systems all operate in different ways. We have simplified the ways these systems work and isolate areas where we can save power.Solutions range from basic changes to settings and timing to complex equipment and controls installations.

The following are solutions for saving HVAC energy:
  • Re-commission the system to its optimal settings
  • Night Set backs
  • Placement of sensors is extremely important
  • Installing Variable Speed Drives
  • Installing Fan Speed Controllers
  • Installing an inverter
  • SmartCool


Our power solutions ensure that equipment is turned off when it is not needed and uses only the minimum power necessary when operating.

We use proven techniques to save power:

  • Automatic power boards which turn-off appliances when not used
  • Voltage optimisation (Mainly commercial market)
    • - We are the most experienced installers of voltage optimisation equipment in Australia
  • Power factor correction
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Energy Management

We have a large portfolio of satisfied clients, follow the link to view their case studies.
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