Government Rebates
The rebates offered by the government are a way to offer homes and businesses incentives to use green energy and reduce their carbon foot print.


There are national and state wide rebates targeting certain areas of energy savings.


AUS Industry
The AUS industry provide grants from $50,000 to $500,000 to reduce building energy consumption.


Resource Smart
Sustainability Victoria also offers great ideas and paths to follow up rebate options.


Green Loans
This is an initiative which helps people to become aware of how they can make a difference to the environment. Free assessments and suggestions are provided to help reduce energy consumption.


Living Greener
This is a great national site that gives you options of where you live to what areas you would like to save. It then offers different rebates and programs that you are eligible for.


Great sites that identifies hazards with down lights
Halogen downlights are not only an environmental hazard but can also pose a fire risk if not installed properly. See the Commonwealth Government publication ‘Sanctuary sustainable living with style’ for more information.


Minimum Energy Performance Standards
The plan by the National Appliance and Equipment Energy Efficiency Committee to improve product energy efficiency. An initiative of the Ministerial Council of Energy forming part of The National Greenhouse Strategy.


Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability mulitmedia tutorial "Greenhouse Gas - What's all the Fuss About?". This tutorial is an innovative and inspiring presentation to motivate staff by informing them about the financial and environmental benefits of taking action to save energy.
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Case Studies
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Energy Management
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Energy Saving Calculator
See how you can benefit from using our products and services with this handy energy savings calculator.
Lighting Products
There are many bulb replacement schemes and ways to decrease usage. We have taken it a step further and increased energy saving by a number of different ways.