Refrigeration Solutions
Refrigeration is responsible for a large part of commercial and industrial energy usage and if managed properly can have enormous savings. It is extremely important that refrigeration systems are correctly set up as they generally keep products from being spoiled. People sometimes overcompensate with settings to try and ensure that there are no product losses or chances of faults within the plant.

We have extensive experience in refrigeration and have installed a countless number of systems over the years. We work for all National supermarket chains with Australia and have been sought for International expertise. Our knowledge has prompted us to explore extra means of energy saving and development of new methods and components. Lighting is something we would find hard to live without and contributes to 20% of the average homes power usage. There are many bulb replacement schemes and ways to decrease usage but we have taken it a step further and increased saving by a number of different ways.


Some of these methods are quite basic and simply require a site visit to analyse the system and re commission the existing set up to optimise the plant. Also by installing more efficient control systems which have extra control functions and can analyse the system performance better.

Night set back are a perfect example of a simple affective means of energy saving. This requires raising the temperature set point of the system in certain periods where climate and other factors can reduce the refrigeration demand.


Anti-Sweat Control
Other methods of refrigeration management are installation of anti-sweat control on freezer doors which removes the sweat after opening the glass door more efficiently.

Almost every glass door freezer contains heaters which use a large amount of power 100% of the time to stop the doors from getting fogged and sweating. We use a system that calculates though sensors when the doors are about to sweat we turn the power on so they pulse the power rather than turn it on 100%. This method is extremely effective and proven to make very fast paybacks.


Case Lighting
Controlling case lighting and/or changing it to LED also is very affective.

We can save power by turning off case lighting when the area is vacant or store is closed.

Freezer Cases
Installing LED’S to freezers. This is has only recently been effective on freezer cases and glass door freezers as fluorescent tubes will not turn back on in extremely cold temperatures. We have however managed to find a solution to freezer cases and by installing LED lighting we can turn them off in temperatures up to -35 C. The paybacks on these situations are quite fast as the lighting generally runs for 24 hours a day.


Fan Speed Controller
We have developed a Fan Speed Controller which reduces the fan speed of evaporators on demand.

Evaporator Savings
This controller turns the fan to 100% when cooling and when the room reaches its set point or defrost times it reduces the speed to 30% affectively saving 70% of the fan load.

Compressor Savings
As the evaporator uses less heat and the room requires less cooling compressors run time is reduced which also prolongs the life of the compressor.

Product Savings
When the room reaches its required temperature the air movement is reduced which decreases the dehydration of product and extends shelf life of the products.


We also have different models which adapt to specific installations. Our products cover different fan loads along with 3 phase fans.
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There are many bulb replacement schemes and ways to decrease usage. We have taken it a step further and increased energy saving by a number of different ways.